All Guts No Glory

by The Crash Landings

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"It’s a riot of great tunes, Oi!s and choruses that are instantly likeable and distinctive. Rancid meets the UK Subs. 8/10"
Louder Than War

"As debuts go, this is up there with the best."
Rock Regeneration

01. Prozac Empire
02. Billy's Got Tourettes
03. Overdose
04. Fightback
05. Shove It
06. Getting My Results
07. Falling Apart
08. Hatemail
09. And Finally
10. The Wall


released September 16, 2016

All songs by The Crash Landings
Engineered by James Codling at Dirty Dog Studios
Mixed by Ant Woodhams at Red Mist Music



all rights reserved


The Crash Landings Bournemouth, UK

It sucks, but that's punk rock.

Bournemouth UK.

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Track Name: Prozac Empire
In a Prozac Empire
You can have the pleasure
We can take you higher
If you can take the pressure

In a Prozac Empire
There ain't no depression
If you got desire
There ain't no recession

The money
Its so funny
You drop dead
At forty

What don't kill you
Won't fulfil you
Take a pill
You know you wanna
In a Prozac Empire

In a Prozac Empire
Shake your money maker
We all love a trier
But your a faker

In a Prozac Empire
You're a frequent flyer
Ignore all your ills
Block them out with white pills
Track Name: Billy's Got Tourettes
Billy's got fucking Tourette's

Don't take offence
He don't mean to offend
But every single sentence
Has a cuss at the end

Billy's got fucking Tourette's

Don't take offence
He don't mean to be blunt
But everyone I know
Has always called you a...
Track Name: Overdose
Just like the times that went before
I'm busted bleeding comatose
And lying on the bathroom floor
Is this a dream or am I dead?
Dark visions floating through my head
I know I screwed it up before
But now it looks as if I'm dead
Oh baby wont you help me now

Gotta kill the thing that I love the most
Won't be long now
Until my race is run
I'm on a path that I never chose
This is my final overdose

If I could only find reverse
My hearts on fire my mouth's gone dry
My next rides gonna be that hearse
Call a medic get one fast
Regret weighs heavy on my mind
Only superseded by a panic of the dying kind
Take me home now
Take me now
Track Name: Fightback
Whatever happened to
The promise you'd take of us?
From cradle to the grave
All gone on bankers bonuses
The good they'll do
The lies they told
The money that we'd saved

No time left to lose
Now its down to you
And I say

The days today
Take it right back
Take it anyway
Alright Jack
Don't care what you say

Not hard to understand
We all need a helping hand
Somewhere along the way
I've heard it all before
They offer their excuses
As they show you out the door

And on the ship of fools
The course it set it don't look great
We're heading for the rocks
Time to abandon ship
The Eton rifles at the helm
Have all gone off half cocked
Track Name: Shove It
Monday face a week of shit
Tuesday really sick of it
Wednesday in my private hell
Thursday not doing well
Friday got it on my mind
Saturday my waste of time
Don't tell me rise above it
Take your job and shove it

All my dreams of anarchy
Now confined to history
The boss is in my face
I'm losing this rat race
And in the daily grind
I'm falling far behind
Don't say your job you love it
Take your job and shove it

And now I'm sixty eight
Got a few bob off the state
But before I'm dead
Here's six words I should have said
Track Name: Falling Apart
Each time I turn around
It picks me up and puts me down
Coming up
Coming down
Turn my smile into a frown
Into a frown
Not going out
Staying in
Thinking about the mess i'm in
Tuning in turning on
Never ever know
What's going on
Wha'ts going on

Falling apart
I'm falling apart
Don't tell me don't start
Yeah yeah yeah

Disco biscuit
Think i'll risk it
Every time I shoot
I miskick
Skinning up drinking down
Turn my smile into a frown
Because its billy whizz
Mary Jane
Liquid lady back again
Now I never sleep at night
Now I never ever feel alright
I never feel alright

Don't tell me
That it'll kill me
And don't break my heart
Don't tell me
I'm falling apart
Track Name: Hatemail
Now your bitterness and hatred is justified
Because you read it in the paper that never lied
Turned your anger to the dispossessed
They make an easy target
Coz they matter less

In the hatemail
Read all about it on the hatemail
Now your mind has derailed
They got you working for the hatemail

So you wasted education
In an improper state
You could have made a difference
But your spreading hate
Intolerance inequality
Just tell yourself
It won't happen to me

And your flirting with the masses of the men in black
Turned your colours from Jamaica to the Union Jack
Not green and gold but red white and blue
Can't believe this thing has happened to you
Track Name: And Finally
Evidence of massacre in Syria
Arson attacks on Australia
Horse meat burgers found in Tesco stores
Wilko Johnson on a farewell tour

787's falling out of the sky
Lance Armstrong was full of lies
Retail failings at an all time low
Chaos in the UK after heavy snow

Helicopter burns kill a passer by
Council summit on spending cuts
Banks call for PPI time limits

Turkey targets raids on Marxist groups
Earthquake shakes across the East Midlands
Sydney bakes on its hottest day
Downward spiral in the USA
Track Name: The Wall
First they came for the poor
Nobody asked what for
They really should have known
What they've done
Lying on the floor
Voices at the door
Nobody here but me

As you stand in line
The lightening strikes time after time
For you son
The writings on the wall

As the books and shops they burn
The lesson never learned
The flames that licked the sky
Nobody can deny